Tuncay Erik


Tuncay Erik

Since the beginning of the Sufi Trail, Tuncay Erik has been supporting the Sufi Trail. Also in Osmaneli he has an outdoor community that protect and takes care of the wildlife in the surrounding areas. Since we have the hiking caravan, Tuncay Erik also has a Refugio from his uncle in the Bereket on top of the mountain before Osmaneli. Tuncay is loved by many and his very modest of his extended knowledge of the history and wisdom.

Travel History

Sufi hikers and cyclists with their passports can collect a stamp with Tuncay Erik or stay in Refigio (Bereket). Tuncay Erik has welcomed our Parendehs, a blessing to meet with Tuncay a true guardian angel of the Osmaneli area.


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Tuncay Erik Sufi’s Guardian Angel

You can check out all the activities on facebook and don’t forget the very special Tuncay Erik, Guardian Angel stamp.

Tuncay Erik
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Tuncay Erik

These short movies introducing our support points and friends along the Sufi Trail are made with one very special ingredient: unconditional love! The crew from all over the world made this project in a fly, directed by the lovable director Abdulshakoor Alakkad. His ambition and talent needs to be expressed, and he made a crew to produce this amazing introductions. This episode is Tuncay Erik where the Sufi dancer and performer Alper Akçay gets his SUFI GUARDIAN stamp in OSMANELI.

You can see from the movement in the film and the enchanting smile that Alper Akçay is the best that could have happened to feature in this film. He is famous and dances our spirits for us into other dimensions. He explains about the trance and connection that sines in his magic works in the documentary Nūr.

Big love is shining on this light, the spots are on Tuncay Erik and big bow and admiration for the director Abdulshakoor Alakkad, magic dancer Alper Akçay and the crew of Nūr: Production coordinator: Mohammed Abu Shawish Sound Operator: Mouaz Jasny Editors: Otbah Kilani, Mouaz Jasny and Obida Zain Camera man: Ahmad Atrabolsi and Muath Alkayyali

Tuncay Erik

1. Forest, wildlife protector

Tuncay is a big contributor to the protection and investigation of wildlife and green matters in the Osmaneli region. His work is very important. Although he is always very modest and says it’s just a hobby.

2. Official Sufi Trail Guardian Angel

He has always been taking care of pilgrims and has even taken care of a Refugio in Bereket. Tuncay Erik his uncle has now an official spot to stay over for hikers. You couldn’t wish for a better angel than Tuncay Erik he made the national news as his stamp is very important.

3. Historical tour

Tuncay Erik knows a lot about the history and the museum pieces in the street of Osmaneli. His hobby is history, and you could say he is expert knowledge in many areas. If you have time, it is worth making a history tour together.