Sufi Trail road updates

Just after Çiçekli, there is an overgrown path. Best is to D-tour via the sidepath near the main road.

Sufi Trail is tremendously friendly as far as we know BUT! One region after Emirdağ is now officially not safe for solo hikers, please do not go on this mountain alone! We have indicated the area between Karacalar – Kemerkaya below on the maps. Please travel in groups or together with local guidance or take a taxi from Emirdağ and continue your hike in Kemerkaya.

Warning for dogs crowds after Eskişehir! Please be aware of this spot and take precautions to protect yourself for dogs. We use a high pitch tone, and some people use a stick. Just be aware that it’s a remote area and you can suddenly be surrounded by dogs. for the exact spot see map below.