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Jaŭhen Hucalaŭ

Taking on the World, Top 10 Trails

Not so long ago I walked the Sufi path. This is the route from Istanbul to Konya, with a length of 801 km.

And there are Lycian and Carian trails. The Lycian trail is one of the TOP-10 most popular hiking trails in the world.

I also went through them completely, some of them more than once. In fact, this is only a small part of the hiking routes that are available in Turkey.

And on which routes in Turkey were you?

Travel History

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Cups of tea

Ancient trees


800 kilometres on foot from Istanbul to Konya with Rumi

Many people I met were curious about where I, on foot and by myself, was heading and why. For someone to walk from Istanbul to Konya is surprising and admiring.

Roelant Meijer

Walking with Rumi

Portrait of a pilgrimage from Istanbul to Konya

In May and June 2022, I walked 800 kilometers from Istanbul to Konya on my own. On the way, I spoke to many people who were curious about my pilgrimage to Rumi’s tomb. As the conversation developed, I held out a hand of cards with quotes from Rumi – in both English and Turkish – and asked them to choose one. They were allowed to keep the chosen quote. Afterwards, I took a portrait photo with their card. With this photo, I described the how and what of our meeting. I published this on Instagram. The people portrayed could see themselves again, but also each other.

Publication will follow in 2023: read more about this project

I tell them about my pilgrimage to Rumi’s tomb and as the conversation developed I reached out to them a handful of cards with quotes by Rumi – in both English and Turkish – and asked them to choose one. They were allowed to keep the chosen quote. Afterwards, I took a portrait photo with their card. With this photo I described the how and what of our encounter. I published it on Instagram. It allowed the portrayed people to see themselves, as well as each other.

I was looking for a way to document this walk and at the same time for a way to share my walk with the people along the route. A pilgrimage often appears to be about the spiritual path of the pilgrim and less about the encounter with the other or the land walked. That is what it was all about for me. The quotes I bring build a bridge between me and the people I meet. The quotes are carefully selected by me and by sharing them I take people along in the pilgrimage. Rumi is also familiar to many; often a beloved wise master. With our shared interest in Rumi, we already have something in common right away, which leads to conversation and connection. The texts bring a depth to the meeting.

Recent Travels

So many stories to tell, so many stories to come. In 2022 our hiking caravan dream became reality. And every day away from the Sufi Trail brings my spirit back in one big chain of happy memories.

Linda Pijl

Linda Pijl

Linda's hand-drawn special stamp    Travel History Sufi Trail hikers and cyclists with their passports can contact Linda for trekking, and Linda has welcomed our Parendehs. She has a house not far from the route where you can arrange to sleep if you are a...

Hakan Yavuz

Hakan Yavuz

Special Travellers in the news Samuel Fantucci Courtin read the articles:article in Haber | article in Haber    Since the beginning of the Sufi Trail, Hakan Yavuz has spotted us coming into Bilecik. He is amazing with taking care of tourists and keeping...

Tuncay Erik

Tuncay Erik

Since the beginning of the Sufi Trail, Tuncay Erik has been supporting the Sufi Trail. Also in Osmaneli he has an outdoor community that protect and takes care of the wildlife in the surrounding areas. Since we have the hiking caravan, Tuncay Erik also has a Refugio...

Get some inspiration of our hikingcaravan

Walk in the footsteps of history. From Istanbul with it’s busy port and teeming colorful streets bustling with modern-day advantages to storied history found throughout the mainland, through quiet forgotten hamlets, to the great poet and philosopher, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi’s tomb in Konya, Turkey.
Sufism is a mystical Islamic belief… 

My Upcoming Trips

Travellers to follow for a long time, they’re always in adventure mode!

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Bikepacking Highlights

We had the honour that Davide travelled on the Sufi Trail during his amazing world cycling trips. He covers all the continents and has many followers. To top it off, he even came to see us in Haarlem. SUFI TRAIL VIDEO His GEAR FULL LIST video is very handy if you are ready to cycle the e world as a bikepacker. You can support Davide and his round-the-world bike expedition with Donations or use the exclusive Davide Postcards’ Club to check out his amazing website or just enjoy all his content and get inspiration from the guy who has been around the world for quite some time now.

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Sufi Trail 10 Sites to See

1. Termal baths in Termal

Healing water. Bitter water and thermal baths and hammams. Sufi Trail has it all 

2. UNESCO Sites 

Many civilizations have lived here and left their traces, including Roman, Byzantines, Phrygian and Lydians. 

3. Natural reserves

Mountains, Plateaus, orchids, land of many. Ancient tress will meet you and you will meet them

Travel Gallery

The pictures only show a small frame of the experience, there is no comparison with going there and feeling, smelling and meeting the Sufi Trail in its full glory!