Sufi Trail Guardians

Sufi Trail Guardians are safekeeping part of the Sufi Trail and are mostly connected to a Sufi saint on the route. If you meet a guardian on your Sufi Trail journey this is a good omen. There are many mystical meetings with unknown Sufi Trail guardians.

Pilgrims mostly have many special meetings that seem spontaneously and by coincidence. We heard that most Parendeh’s were very intrigued by how and with the meetings they had with our guardians.

Tuncay Erik lives in Osmaneli and knows a lot about the ancient Roman and Ottoman pilgrimage routes.

Ramazan Yeşil and his family have a special connection with Yağlı Dede and being a Sufi they also have a very fine feeling for the mystical side of the journey you make. Apart from that Ramazan Yeşil speaks English and German so it’s easy to connect with each other in a practical sensce.

Tuncay ErikOsmaneli
Ramazan YeşilAkşehir