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When you start your Sufi Trail and received your passport, you should already have your first stamp. And can start collecting your stamps along your route.

The Sufi Trail Pilgrim’s Credential

The Credential, or “Sufi Trail pilgrim’s passport”, is the fundamental document of the pilgrim that allows gaining access to accommodating facilities located along the itinerary. The pilgrim will get a stamp in every location where he/she stays or pass (tourist offices, mosques, hostels, …), until the conclusion of the walk.

The official pilgrim Sufi Trail passport is available on Issue to view and read.

Name Place Stamp
Fikri Bekbaş Sazlıbosna, Istanbul
Cem özsoy Emirhan Cafe, Istanbul
Pilav Cafe Pilva Cafe, Eyup Istanbul
Ahmet Yiğit Ormanika, Kurtköy, Yalova
Linda Pijl Çınarcık, Yalova
Chevrel Traher Forest gardens, Kurtköy
Available in Ormanica w
ith Ahmet Yiğit
Ahmet Albayrak Notary, Orhangazi Official stamp
Tuncay Erik Sufi Guardian, Osmaneli
Hakan Yavuz Sufi friend, Bilecik
Hakan Karabaşoğlu Sufi friend, before Günüören
Rezayi Arslanboga Sufi friend, Yeniköy
Kerem Er Sufi friend, Sarıcailyas
Gülnaz Topak Sufi friend, Ağlarca
Emrah Gözübol Sufi Guardian, Kemerkaya
Mahmut Tuncer Sufi friend, Avdan
Cankut Sarıpınar Sufi friend, Çaypınar
Refik Şimşek Sufi philosopher, Akbaba
Ali Biroglu Nar-I-Ask, Konya


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