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The Sufi Trail


cyling in Turkey on the Sufi Trail

The Sufi Trail is suitable for touring cyclists, long-distance cyclists and world travellers. Bikepackers can cycle with mountain bikes on the hiking Trail or with trekking and city bikes on the asphalt roads. We have put a lot of effort into creating a low traffic route with historical sites and natural scenery.


The Sufi bike trail divers in some sections from the Sufi Hiking Trail.  The distance is approximately 800 km and for an average cyclist, it will take two weeks to complete the Sufi Bike Trail from Istanbul to Konya. In most city’s there are bike repair shops, a list will be available soon. Bikepackers with their tent can always ask the Muhtar (village head) for permission to place their tent in little villages. The cities in Turkey aren’t particularly orientated on camping sites.


For accommodation, we have a complete list ready for members. You can join the Sufi Trail with the Sufi Trail starters pack in our webshop. Sufi Trail members are eligible for individual WhatsApp support.


Experiences on the Sufi Bike Trail |  The future of the Sufi Bike Trail

Since 2019 we welcome people who like to cycle with us on their own bikes or if needed we can provide information on good cycling tracks away from the busy roads.


The hiking Trail is always close to the cycling route, and we will develop the trail such that sand and dirt roads will be good enough for trekking bikes.

We hope to meet you on our next adventure on a bike!


Whatsapp & mobile:
Iris Bezuijen: +31 6 440 447 90

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How to get there

Here we will tell you how to get there and how to go back home.

GPX/KML files

GPX/KML files are available with guidebooks and  a digital package with your Sufi Trail starters pack including Sufi Trail Parandeh passport.


The first impression of the Sufi Trail is easy to hike and cycle, but soon you realize there are also difficult parts. Many Sufi trail guardian angels and the very hospitable Turkish people help and encourage you to continue and finish your pilgrimage to Rumi. You enjoy nature, architecture, and spiritual sights on the Sufi trail.

Big Bike News

Davide Travelli had cycled the world and made a 5-star production of the Sufi Trail hiking and biking route. The dirt roads are perfectly captured by Davide in 5 parts you can view them on YouTube and get ready to GO!

Read the three Sufi’s on the Bike trail || Bike travel story from Istanbul to Bilecik

Bike travel story from Istanbul to Bilecik | Tom Schimmel story in Belgian magazine “Op Weg”

Cycling inspiration

Cycling inspiration

Caravan inspiration14 days cycling Sufi to Konya, Mevlana Rumi's shrinecycling caravan Every year in autumn we cycle with a group of cyclists from Yalova to Konya. After the Sufi Trail, we cycle on the Mecca Trail from Konya onwards. If you are joining, this page will...

Three Cycle Sufies

Three Cycle Sufies

Early in the dark shimmering of the Istanbul morning glow, we gathered around IDO ferry port at Yenikapi. Güneş...

Why do I love hiking and cycling the Sufi Trail?

Why do I love hiking and cycling the Sufi Trail?

Just a little overview of the journeys we were so lucky to have had already: 2016 Iris and Sedat explore for the first time  2017 We mark with Huseyn Sari from the Phrygian Trail 2018 From Emirdag to Konya, with Joke, Leendert, Erhan and Marianne  2019 We cycle with...

Güneş’s long distance cycletour

Güneş’s long distance cycletour

Hello Sufi Trail lovers, My name is Günes, and I’m the editor of the Turkish edition of Sufi Trail guide book. Between 8-15 June 2019, we had a lovely Sufi Bike Tour from Yalova to Bilecik. This was my first long distance bike tour and now looking back I realize there...


New by Istanbul on Bike & Sufi Trail: Sufi Trail Self-guided bike tour Sufi Trail Bike Package 


  • Passport: The Sufi Trail Passport is part of the Sufi Trail membership. It includes a full membership rate for the first year, a registration fee and Sufi Trail Parende certificate GPX tracks
  • PDF booklet of the accommodation and contact list ( including bike repair shops and emergency contact numbers)
  • Email and WhatsApp support before and during your Sufi Trail
  • Sufi Trail Parende certificate
  • A printed version of Sufi on Bike guidebook
  • T-shirt designed by Merel van Essen with the Sufi Trail logo
  • Sufi Trail Cap with Embroidered Logo
  • PDF road map 1:100.000 Scale


TOUR PACKAGE: €795 (per person) Including SUFI TRAIL PACKAGE TOTAL PRICE: €795


20 % of the amount of the Tour Package and Sufi Trail package should be paid in advance at the time of booking
The rest of the amount should be paid upon your arrival in cash

Sufi Trail Package Payments are non-refundable



  •  Airport Transfers in Istanbul
  • Bike package storage and logistic services in Istanbul
  • 14 Nights Accommodation, Breakfast & Breakfast (1 homestay)
  • Istanbul to Yalova ferry tickets
  • Call centre for emergency
  • The average daily bike ride will be approx. 80 km ( max. 108 km; min. 57 km)


  • Transportation from Konya to Istanbul (Bus, Train or Flight)
  • Transfer services in Konya
  • Guided Walking and Bike Tours
  • Bosphorus Cruise
  • Whirling Dervishes Live Show and Exhibition
  • Turkish Night Show with folkloric dances
  • Turkish Hamam Experience