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Life is like ice cream, Parendem. You go to the ice cream shop. You ask: “give me all the tastes you know”. With closed eyes, you start eating your ice cream. Let’s say you start with lemon. Yummy. Lemon sour refreshing taste in your mouth. Just when you say that there is no better taste than this beautiful sweet taste of lemon it begins to mix with another taste. This taste and blend are also nice but you also enjoy the taste of lemons. Suddenly you’re busy with a new taste instead of a lemon flavour: Strawberry.

You smell the irresistible flavours of strawberry. That deep taste takes you to the slopes where the mountain strawberries are. When you start to get used to the taste of strawberries, a new mixture starts. The flavour of the raspberry combines with the flavour and taste of chocolate. Chocolate ice cream is tempting. You can not resist it. You give up strawberries instantly. Endorphins explode in your brain. Then the taste in your mouth becomes pungent.

Before you can ask what kind of flavour you are tasting you realize it is red pepper. Ice cream master says that you should try the taste of the bitter pepper ice cream. You also have to value the taste of the bitter pepper. Hmm … you say. And you learn the value of a mixture of pepper and sweet.

You learn to learn and thank the ice cream master for giving you this opportunity. But since you’re impatient, you’re curious about the next taste. But you don’t know if there is the next taste … or did you come to the end of the ice cream? Parendem you realize that you may ask the ice cream master for a special taste of ice cream for yourself but time is limited, there are also other customers. You have to hurry. You might be hesitating. It’s hard to make the right decision with so many different tastes. You wish that the ice cream master would make your choice and you only would have to eat the ice cream.

The ice cream master plays with you like a Marash ice cream maker, and suddenly it continues with the next customer. You want to continue after the bitter chilli taste and the pungent taste becomes a taste that is not familiar to you at all. Sweet, but you do not know the name. You enjoy it but you can not tell in which taste box it is in your memory. The ice cream master tells you for once it is the flavour of mango. At the moment that you have to choose the next flavour, you know what to choose. You realize that this is one of the last flavours.

The ice cream master doesn’t tell you which flavour is going to be the last one. Parendem, you only understand which flavour is the last one when you come to the wooden stick of the ice cream. Finally, before thanking the ice cream master, enjoy the last drops on the stick.

The Ice cream philosophe is from the hiking guidebook part 2, written by Sedat Çakır who loves ice cream. The little Sufi eating Ice cream is designed by Merel van Essen who made it, especially for Sedat and his ice philosophy. The ice cream Sufi represents Sedat as every problem is solvable with Ice cream.