Starters Pack Sufi Trail Istanbul – Konya



Sufi hiking guidebooks 1 and 2 guidebooks including Sufi Trail passport, Sufi Wish stone, GPX and WhatsApp support and more.


Sufi Trail starters pack Print Plus includes:

  • Sufi Trail Passport is part of the Sufi Trail membership. It includes full membership rate for the first year, registration fee, Whatsapp support, hand painted Sufi wish stone, and Sufi Trail Parandeh certificate.


  • Sufi Trail passport: a personal document, with which you may receive help and discounts from affiliated organizations and entrepreneurs along the Sufi Trail. In the Sufi Trail passport, you can collect stamps along the way, a nice souvenir of your trip!
  • Sufi wish stone: Each Sufi wish stone is hand-painted by Dutch artist Linda Pijl. Watch Linda in her process of collecting and painting the stones. (You collect it personally in Yalova)
  • WhatsApp support: Before and during your Sufi Trail pilgrimage you can ask for assistance from the main office of the Sufi Trail in the Netherlands.
  • Sufi Trail GPX track from Istanbul to Konya separated into 40 sections for convenient and easy uploading and day planning.
  • GPX tracks work with all navigation devices and mobile phone applications.
  • Sufi Trail accommodation and contact list: Updated list of accommodations and contact persons on the trail
  • Sufi Trail parandeh certificate: Once you finish your hike or cycling tour from Istanbul to Konya you receive your Sufi Trail certificate in Konya.

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  • PDF booklet of the accomodation and contact list
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  • Printed version of Sufi Trail guidebook Part 1 and Part 2

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