Starters Pack PDF for Hikers | DIGITAL



Sufi hiking guidebooks 1 and 2 guidebooks  in PDF format including Sufi Trail passport, Sufi Wish stone, GPX and WhatsApp support and more


Sufi Trail starters pack PDF Plus include:

  • Passport: the Sufi Trail Passport is part of the Sufi Trail membership. It includes full membership rate for the first year, registration fee and Sufi Trail Parandeh certificate
  • Sufi wish stone: Each Sufi wish stone is hand-painted by Dutch artist Linda Pijl. Watch Linda in her process of collecting and painting the stones. (You collect it personally in Yalova)
  • GPX tracks
  • PDF booklet of the accommodation and contact list
    Normal value € 11,95
  • Email and Whatsapp support before and during your Sufi Trail
  • Sufi Trail Parandeh certificate upon arrival on foot or by bicycle in Konya
  • PDF version of Sufi Trail guidebook Part 1 and Part 2