Pilgrimage with Linda 22 April -2 May ’23


Sufi Trail hiking trip from Yalova to Osmaneli, hiking through the forest, and mountains, passing picturesque villages with the luxury of luggage transport and a way to experience the western Anatolian pilgrim lifestyle.

Price: 695 Euro Double occupancy

795 Euro Single occupancy

Start your hike with 80 Euro for your start package.


Sufi Trail hiking trip from Yalova to Osmaneli

The Sufi Trail walking route is intended as a voyage of discovery. Each participant in the group is given complete freedom to set his own pace and schedule. The GPX and sleep and eat addresses are known per day. Depending on the group, we will be able to make some changes if the number of participants is known.

We will mainly stay in small hotels or teacher hotels, and sometimes also in special pilgrimage accommodations. The luggage is transported per day and the pilgrims make their packed lunch or, if possible, we eat together. Lunch costs are exclusive, but it is always possible to organize a package per day. In this way, everyone is also free to have lunch with what and where. There are plenty of alternatives for vegetarians along the way. We will also organize as much as possible in advance for other dietary requirements – always good to indicate in our registration form – it will be more complicated for vegans.

The daily distances will be around 20 km per day.

The sights are often in a mosque or tomb for women, then a headscarf is worn and no bare legs for both sexes. Headscarves are regularly available, but always make sure you have a thin wrap with you. Also, always useful as a picnic blanket and sun protection.

Because the Sufi Trail is primarily a hiking discovery tour and not a travel organization, it is obliged to arrange your travel insurance. We will do everything to make the trip run smoothly and to fulfil your wishes. Since we are not a travel agency, we are not affiliated with a travel guarantee fund.

Dates: 22 April – 2 May 2023

Starting point: Yalova

End point: Osmaneli

Price: 795 Euro Double occupancy

895 Euro Single occupancy

You pay 90 Euro in advance for your package and the rest amount 14 days before departure to the bank account of Linda.

Please note, the starter package is non-refundable.

Price includes:

Accommodations based on a 2-person room

All breakfasts from day 2 to 11

Dinner from day 1 to 10. The last day is the day of the return journey, and lunch and dinner will be arranged by the participants themselves.

Turkish / Dutch / English-speaking guide

Luggage transport


Travel and transfer costs to the starting point in Yalova and from the ending point in Osmaneli.


(Alcoholic) drinks with meals

Entrance fees

Travel and cancellation insurance

Additional information

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