Hiking the Sufi Trail – Me and my Dixon rollerpack in Anatolia

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People who have followed our news know we have announced the book of Susan Elliott. She’s an amazing hiker and with her Dixon Rollerpack, she rolled the complete Sufi Trail in 2019. Travelling alone is often pretty tough but equally rewarding. In spirit, we were travelling with our English lady and Susan Elliott stole our hearts by being such a thorough pilgrim, following the guidebook's instructions very nicely. She frequently told us things that slipped our minds from our own guidebook. After a physical setback going through cancer treatment, she now finished her book about the Sufi Trail. Needless to say, we are overjoyed with the result and the coming book. As we speak, the design is coming together by the artistic talents of Merel van Essen. The book will have the daily insights Susan gathered on the Sufi Trail, decorated with only her own pictures. We hope many people will enjoy the book HIKING the SUFI TRAIL, Me and my Dixon Rollerpack in Anatolia by our beloved, one and only, Susan Elliott. Order your copy now!

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