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The Sufi Trail


Marking fun along the Sufi Trail

We have the green arrow to mark the Sufi Trail but sometimes we also use the red and white coloring as used on the Grande Randonnée. When marking parts of the Sufi Trail we use the same green everywhere and we try to be consistent with this as it’s the best visible green.


In paint shops you can ask for the RAL color 6038 when making the Sufi Trail arrow. The shape of the arrow has a wave but off course you are free to make variations. For the normal GR markings we use the universal colour markings as below

Route Information

Start point


Route Updates

Currently there are no route updates.

How to get there

Here we will tell you how to get there and how to go back home.

GPX/KML files

GPX/KML files are available with guidebooks and  a digital package with your Sufi Trail starters pack including Sufi Trail Parandeh passport.


The first impression of the Sufi Trail is easy to hike and cycle, but soon you realize there are also difficult parts. Many Sufi trail guardian angels and the very hospitable Turkish people help and encourage you to continue and finish your pilgrimage to Rumi. You enjoy nature, architecture, and spiritual sights on the Sufi trail.

Along the route

Route Updates

Just after Çiçekli, there is an overgrown path. Best is to D-tour via the side path near the main road.

How to get there

Here we will tell you how to get there and how to go back home.

Start point

RD Coördinaat: 225914 / 602046
Dichtstbijgelegen adres: Hoofdstraat 82, 9968 AG Pieterburen
Parkeren: Pieterplein, Pieterburen
Dichtstbijgelegen OV-halte: bushalte Pieterplein, Pieterburen   plan mijn ov reis

RD Coördinaat: 230107 / 594583
Dichtstbijgelegen adres: Hoofdstraat W 5, 9951 AA Winsum
Parkeren: P+R Winsum, Het Hoge Heem 4, 9951 BW Winsum
Dichtstbijgelegen OV-halte: treinstation, Winsum  plan mijn ov reis