Maps & apps

Sufi Trail maps per district

We have made overview maps to see per municipality or province where the Sufi Trail is located. We love making maps to cover the complete Sufi Trail. You can find detailed hiking maps in your guidebook.
We are also contributing to the  hiking maps by means of OpenStreetMap. This means that along the Sufi Trail you will find little hiking tracks, water sources, sleeping address and more all contributed by our map making team.

The map team and many people work on OpenStreetMap to add the details of small villages, Istanbul, Konya, and other towns. For us adding the small hiking trails is most useful when your’re navigating the Sufi Trail.

We love HiiKER, Sufi Trail can be found and used via the HiiKER platform. Great and easy way to hike your Sufi Trail. All in one app.

These overview maps are merely for reference but the OpenStreetMap hiking maps are of course a great way of finding your way on the Sufi Trail.

You can view an album on our Flickr site with the maps we have created so far.

There are many ways to navigate the Sufi Trail, we do use smartphones a lot. Some apps are only for the iPhone but we have our top 5 navigation apps for hikers:


2 MotionX-GPS (only for iPhone)

3 Google Maps

4 Locus maps

5 OSMand

Then there are several apps that give a good tracking report visually or blog style for others to show your footsteps. We have a top 5 fun apps for hikers:

1 Relive (3D movie of your hike)

2 Street view (360 images of your hike)

3 Polarsteps (Travel Blog)

4 Flickr (upload pictures and album sharing)

5 Social media (Instagram and Facebook)

We have loaded our Sufi Trail GPX you can check out our tracks on Google Maps:

Apart from all the digital support, and getting around most people still like to use physical maps or our guidebooks. You can buy the guidebooks or order just the maps and accommodation list in our webshop.

For updates, roadblocks and important Sufi Trail information on route please check Sufi Trail road updates page