Linda Pijl

Official Sufi Trail creative artist

Linda’s hand-drawn special stamp



Travel History

Sufi Trail hikers and cyclists with their passports can contact Linda for trekking, and Linda has welcomed our Parendehs. She has a house not far from the route where you can arrange to sleep if you are a Sufi Trail traveller. All our pilgrims have a little piece of Linda, as she and her dog Karibar are the makers of the Sufi hand-painted stone. There is a short film “The art behind the Sufi stones” explaining the process.

Linda Pijl

Linda Pijl is a creative artist who has made her mark on the Sufi Trail in the Yalova region of Türkiye. Her artwork can be seen on the section of the trail that runs from Yalova to Iznik, and it has added a unique and beautiful touch to the surroundings. In addition to making art, Linda has also supported the trail with welcoming and providing the “Sufi Trail pilgrim’s passport,” which is a fundamental document that allows pilgrims access to accommodating facilities along the route. This passport is crucial for anyone who wishes to make the pilgrimage along the Sufi Trail. Linda’s creative work not only adds aesthetic value to the trail, but also serves a practical purpose in guiding and assisting pilgrims in their journey. The Sufi Trail is an important pilgrimage route for many, and Linda’s contribution has made it even more special. She has her own website with trekking information on the Sufi Trail and she’s as the most artistic official Sufi Trail stamp.


Artistic road marks

Stamps given

KM Red White marking

Linda Pijl a creative friend

Hakan is very active on facebook and Instagram. He works for the council and has many community projects. We love meeting him but mostly he has already found the tourists before you. Make sure to get your special Hakan Yavuz stamp with off course the clock tower in it.

Beautiful sufi stones
Handmade by Linda

Linda welcoming

Linda Pijl

These short movies introducing our support points and friends along the Sufi Trail are made with one very special ingredient: unconditional love! The crew from all over the world made this project in a fly, directed by the lovable director Abdulshakoor Alakkad. His ambition and talent needs to be expressed, and he made a crew to produce this amazing introductions. This episode is Linda Pijl, artistic and creative minds alike meet in Ormanika Sufi dancer and performer Alper Akçay gets his Sufi Trail hand-painted stone. Linda is in the Yalova region and helps travellers on their way, and is a very talented artist. She hand-painted abandoned fountains, created many signs along the way and is travelling with many as her stone is with all the pilgrims. The Sufi Trail start and selfie point is one of a kind, and Linda also. We love Linda and hope you meet her on your Sufi Trail. Alper Akçay featuring in this short film. He is famous and dances our spirits for us into other dimensions. His kind and gentle ways speak through the ❤ and artists need less words, understanding is silent. He explains about the trance and connection that sines in his magic works in the documentary Nūr. Big love is shining on this light, the spots are on Linda Pijl and big bow and admiration for the director Abdulshakoor Alakkad, magic dancer Alper Akçay and the crew of Nūr:

Production coordinator: Mohammed Abu Shawish

Sound Operator: Mouaz Jasny Editors: Otbah Kilani, Mouaz Jasny and Obida Zain

Camera man: Ahmad Atrabolsi and Muath Alkayyali

Linda Pijl

1. Sufi Artist

Linda has the patient of an angel and has spent one hour for every pilgrim to make their beautiful hand-painted Sufi wishing stone. And let’s not forget Keribar, who sniffs and finds the stones on the beach at the sea of Marmara.

2. Welcoming and hosting travellers

Linda has a lovely house in Çınarcık very close to the beach. She has hosted quite some pilgrims and makes you feel at home, a warm welcome for many Sufi Trail guests

3. Hike with Linda

Linda knows the Sufi Trail well and because she marked the section from Yalova to Iznik she can guide you on request. She has her own website, wandelen met Linda

Or you could make a special request if you need and find the dates Linda is hiking on the Sufi Trail on the agenda.