(Belgium/Dutch) about the Sufi TrailRead some articles about the making of the Sufi Trail and an interview with the makers of the Sufi Trail. The articles are in Dutch but can be translated with
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Interview with Sedat Çakır on TRT Turk television channel. The Turkish equivalent of the morning news.
The interview with Sedat starts at 34.50 min, Channel TRT Turk.com

Hiking caravan in the news and on television: read the story here

Pilgrims Marcel schuurmans (belguim) and Hüseyin kara (turkish) hike together on the sufi trail, read the news here

Anatolia through the eyes of a pilgrim

, read it here 

The Sufi Trail is a long-distance hiking route from Istanbul to Konya that seeks to revive the ancient tracks used by foot pilgrims on their way to Mecca. Marian Brehmer spoke to the trail’s founder and hiking route developer Sedat Çakır. Read the full article here @ Qantara.de

For those who are interested in reading the whole book with stories from the road and 52 photos, check Marian Bremmer or contact us for details.

Sufi Trail article in the Belgium magazine OP WEG 2020, Sufi Trail cycling route by Tom Schimmel, read it here

tuncay erik gets rewarded for serving the sufi trail and helping pelgrims, read the article here

Slow tourism and hiking culture in Yalova turkey, read the article here

Hüseyin Kara in the news Read the news article of the Yalova newspapers

POD Cast Sedat cakir:

In 2007, Sedat Çakır set out to walk the Camino de Santiago. Before he departed, he decided to seek out a pilgrim blessing from the local bishop in Amsterdam. There’s nothing particularly unusual about that story… aside from the fact that Sedat is a Sufi and the Camino, of course, has a very complicated history with Islam! While Sedat set out originally just to make a satisfying long-distance walk, his purpose evolved as he learned more, and it soon grew into a journey oriented towards interfaith dialogue. And in the aftermath of that pilgrimage, another new goal opened up before him, reforging a route from Europe to Mecca. Working with his partner, Iris Bezuijen, Sedat (sedatcakir.com) has now launched two long-distance routes, the Sultan’s Trail (sultanstrail.net/en/) and the Sufi Trail (sufitrail.com), which are the first two steps in that larger objective. This episode traces his journey from Amsterdam to Santiago and onward towards Mecca.

OP WEG In 2018 we also had a hiking article. You can read it here

Read the article in the Osmaneli newspaper

Our Bike tour in Yalova didn’t go unnoticed. We had a meeting with the mayor of Iznik
Read the Sufi bike tour news @ haberler.com

At an early stage of my studies, I realized I was not really sure of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The pressure I felt to graduate was bigger than my courage to drop everything, and I had no money to do something else. Therefore, whilst still studying, I started planning a trip that would allow me some time to actually work on myself instead of just following the footsteps society decided I had to. It has been almost one year now, and I have had a huge range of every kind of experiences that have made me face different sides of myself – most of which I had no idea existed. Of all the experiences I have had, one of the most intense and profound ones has definitely been hiking. I have found out that hiking is always a unique opportunity to be with myself, surrounded by nature, and in a deep meditative state of presence while simply walking. That way, I have seen parts of countries most tourists never will if they do not go away from the big touristy centers. I have also met local people who told me how they experienced the history museums can only report on. Most importantly, I have built a beautiful relationship with myself, learning how to respect my own pace while being out there in nature, where my mind could finally find stillness. As Nietzsche would say, “All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking”.
Alberto Senna, Brazilian, 24 years old.

The Dutch publisher Aan de Slag has an online e-zine and newspaper for youngsters leaving school having to decide what to do next or even can years between studies. This is the perfect time to start your Sufi Trail hike, it gives you a wide perspective of many aspects of life. There is no better teacher than travelling the world.

OUR American circus artist, in the cold winter they hiked and made it in the news, read the article here

pelerinsdecompostelle.com For more information: cheminsverslesacre.com
Sufi Trail in the 800 Pilgrimage Routes in the World “Le Guide des chemins de pèlerinage du monde” by Fabienne Bodan

Konya newspapers

On our last group hike towards Konya we were welcomed by the Konya newspapers, below you find the article in Turkish.

(Belgium/Dutch) about the Sufi Trail

Publication in Far Out
Wandelen in Turkije
Interview with Sedat and Iris

Sufi Trail in the tracks of Sufism
Sufi Trail article in the Belgium magazine OP WEG

Publication in Mari Wandelt