Sufi Trail Hiking Caravan 2023

Hike to the Light

This page gives you full information about what you can expect on the 2023 hiking caravan.



Thru-hike 2023 – Hike to the Light

5 May – 16 May 2023

For the comfort and safety of international travellers, start packages are available to book via our website. For more information, please contact us directly.

Practical tips will be developed and shared with all international hikers wishing to participate in the Thru-Hike.

When Friends of the Sufi Trail travel with friends, every companion is co-responsible for the success of the trip. You book your own flights. You co-decide where to sleep, what and where to eat. You are free to participate in any common activity. Of course, you share in the costs of these mutual activities. All of this in good harmony.
You are provided with the Sufi Trail digital information for self-navigation, and experienced companions will help you use it. You make sure that you are properly insured.

Options for Participation
1. Walk sections for any number of nights and days as follows:
    •  a minimum of 10 nights / 10 days
2. Walk the entire trail for 40 day

3. Stand alone day hikes are not accepted!

Booking Schedules and Deadlines

  • Booking is on a first-come first-served basis, and subject to a full payment together with your registration
  • Maximum number of hikers per day/overnight: 18 hikers/ day
  • Reservations must be done online on this link
  • Each hiker and one partner needs to fill in a separate registration request, as the system does not accept group registrations

Click Here to Download the Practical Guidelines and Learn About

  • Reservation Details
  • Payment and Cancellation Terms
  • Where you will sleep and how is your transportation arranged
  • What gear and equipment you need to bring with you
  • Sufi Trail zero waste policy

Waiting List
Fully booked and you still want to hike? Please ask to have your name on the waiting list by sending an email to  It will be treated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Sufi Trail reserves all rights to accept or deny an application upon its own discretion.

Fees in EUR


donation for start package €185

daily transport cost €15.40

 valid till march 31, 2023


Fees include:

  • Start package
  • Transportation of luggage from one accommodation to another
  • Experienced Sufi Trail hikers
  • Local contact points
  • Help with accommodations, translations and more

Fees does not include:

  • Accommodation
  • All meals (dinner, breakfast, and lunch box)
  • Local Guides’ services
  • Tour Leaders
  • Entries to nature reserves and protected areas
  • Transportation from your home to Yalova or your arrival point and from Konya or your departure point.


ODay1. Friday, May05

Arrival in Yalova

Optional city walk for Early arrivers
Overnight Ormanika campsite Kurtköy

Day2. Saturday, may06

Yalova to termal

Overnight Ormanika campsite Kurtköy

Day3. Sunday, may07

Termal to Güneyköy

Overnight Ormanika campsite Kurtköy

Day4. Monday, may08

Güneyköy to Orhangazi

Overnight Orhangazi small hotel

Day5. Tuesday, may09

Orhangazi to Keramet

Overnight Ilıca Anatolia Camp & Rooms

Day6. Wednesday, May10

Keramet to Mahmudiye

Overnight Ilıca Anatolia Camp & Rooms

Day7. Thursday, May11

Mahmudiye to İznik

Overnight İznik

Day8. Friday, may12

İznik to Bereket

Overnight Homestay

Day9. Saturday, May13

Bereket to Osmaneli

Overnight hotel Osmaneli

Day10. Sunday, May14

Osmaneli to Vezirhan

Overnight hotel Osmaneli

Day11. Monday, May15

Vezirhan to Bilecik

Overnight Hotel Belacoma Bilecik


Day12. Tuesday, May16

Bilecik to Küre

Overnight camp in Küre or?


Day13. Wednesday, May17

Küre to Söğüt

Overnight hotel Söğüt


Day14. Thursday, May18

Söğüt to Rızapaşa

Overnight Camping at the lake


Day15. Friday, May19

Rızapaşa to Eğriöz

Overnight Camping near the village


Day16. Saturday, May20

Eğriöz to Eskişehir

Overnight Hotel old town Eskişehir


Day17. Sunday, May21

Eskişehir to Karapazar

Overnight camping in the village


Day18. Monday, May22

Karapazar to Ayvalı

Overnight camping in the village


Day19. Tuesday, May23

Ayvalı to Seyitgazi

Overnight Camp & Rooms


Day20. Wednesday, May24

Seyitgazi to Çukurca

Overnight Midashan Camp & Rooms

Day21. Thursday, May25
Çukurca to Han
Overnight Midashan Camp & Rooms

Day22. Friday, May26
Han to Gömü
Overnight hotel Emirdağ

Day23. Saturday May27

Gömü to Emirdağ

Overnight hotel Emirdağ

Day24.Sunday, May28

Emirdağ to Karacalar

Overnight in Sufi monastery

Day25. Monday, May29

Karacalar to Emirdede

Overnight camp at the highest point

Day26. Tuesday, May30

Emirdede to Kemerkaya

Overnight Homestay

Day27. Wednesday, May 31 

Kemerkaya to Bolvadin

Overnight Hotel

Day28. Thursday, June 1

Bolvadin to Çay

Overnight teachers hotel


Day29. Friday, June 2

Çay to Deresenek

Overnight camping


Day30. Saturday, June 3

Deresenek to Sultandağı

Overnight hotel

Day31. Sunday, June 4

Sultandağı to Yeniköy

Overnight butik hotel Akşehir


Day32. Monday, June 5

Yeniköy to Akşehir

Overnight butik hotel Akşehir


Day33. Tuesday, June 6

Akşehir to Çakıllar

Overnight camping in the village


Day34. Wednesday, June 7

Çakıllar to Doğanhisar

Overnight homestay or hotel


Day35. Thursday, June 8

Dağanhisar to Aşağı Çığil

Overnight Homestay


Day36. Friday, June 9

Aşağı Çığıl to Derbent

Overnight Homestay


Day37. Saturday, June 10

Derbent to Başarakavak

Overnight Homestay Derbent

Day38. Sunday, June 11

Başarakavak to Küçükmuhsine

Overnight guesthouse Sufi Monastry


Day39. Monday, June 12

Küçükmuhsine to Sille

Overnight Sille


Day40. Tuesday, June 13

Sille to Konya

Overnight Konya

Day41. Wednesday, June 14

Departure back home


The Sufi Trail Association recognizes that hiking, trekking and climbing are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of, and accept, these risks and be responsible for their own actions. Also, the Sufi trail is not responsible for any health hazard resulting from using or drinking of any water source on the trail.