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Jerusalem via Sufi Trail

The Sufi Trail

We walked already before we started the Sufi Trail on some other Paths, but we felt almost immediately a huge difference, it started as we met Iris and Sedat and continued during the following weeks. There is no better word then Spirit to describe this feeling. We met already before nice and warm people who hosted or welcomed us but on the Sufi Trail, it was in a way deeper than before. We could feel that the people, who are involved in this trail (Sufi Trail Friends), are in a way friendly which reminded us of the bounding of a family. Often if we met some Sufi Trail Friends you were able to feel the energy which they gave to the building of this Pilgrimage. They were all part of a Community which they committed a part of their life to. The Sufi Community.

Everyone gave in his one possibility the effort to make this Trail work it felt like it was their Job their commitment to helping us. A good example of this was Ramazan in Aksehir. We met him by coincidence on the road, and he offered us without even knowing us a private city tour. It was important for him to show us his places in this city and it was a stunning and beautiful but most importantly a spiritual day. We had some very deep talks which we carry until now in our hearts with us. We think especially the mix of the amazing hospitality of the Turkish people and the community of the Sufi Trail makes this experience absolutely astonishing and unique. It stayed in our mind this experience, but most importantly in our hearts. It is beautiful that a community like this can be built in just 5 years, especially if you think about the fact that the trail is almost 800 Kilometers long. All are connected, it happened from time to time that people knew us before we even met them, because they heard from some other Sufi Friends that we are on the way. It was like we are walking on the footsteps of a community and as more, as we walk on it, the more we are becoming part of it. This feeling was even more pushed forward as we saw the fresh and old colour of the markings of the Trail.

But especially Iris and Sedat who always cared about us in such a loving way. They were always there with support and love to help us on our way. Also, Audrey travelled for a few days alone, because I have been to the wedding of my brother, and during this time they were even closer to her and making sure that everything is alright. To sum it up is the experience of the Sufi trail among our most favourite and special experiences which we had during the whole duration of this trip, and we are happy to have met so many people, made new friends, especially Iris and Sedat which are also now our Sufi Trail Parents.

Thank you for this amazing experience we will keep it forever in our hearts, and we are looking forward to seeing you in 2020 either in Freiburg, Syria or again on the Sufi Yolu.

Konrad Weberling & Audrey Pouillon

Caravan of love

Walk in the footsteps of history. From Istanbul with it’s busy port and teeming colorful streets bustling with modern-day advantages to storied history found throughout the mainland, through quiet forgotten hamlets, to the great poet and philosopher, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi’s tomb in Konya, Turkey. 
Sufism is a mystical Islamic belief in which Muslims (and many others) seek to find the truth of divine love and knowledge through direct personal experience of God. A religion of love based on poetry, music and practising various esoteric contemplative practices; the most important: dhikr: private prayer. 
This walk is a personal pilgrimage. Allow yourself to be lost in the moment, alongside your fellow pilgrims. Let them, nature, the people be the lamp that lights your path.
Hosgeldiniz. You are welcome. 

In 130 B.C. the Han Dynasty (China) opened up the Silk Road with the West, and the routes remained until 1400 A.D.  when the Ottoman Empire started boycotting trade and closed them.

Caravan’s moved throughout the desert on routes bound for exotic destinations. These caravans connected Europe alongside the Mediterranean and into Asia, Africa, Persia.

Car-a-van. Many modern day interpretations but the one most famous of all: a classic minivan sold to the masses of soccer moms everywhere.

Practical, but certainly not the images invoked in the last paragraph. Certainly not romantic, certainly not nostalgic.

To, but DREAM that you are in a caravan suggests that you feel as if you may need to travel around a little bit. You probably feel a bit stifled in the environment that you are in currently. You need to get out and experience new things, meet new people. Dreaming of being in a caravan is an extension of that desire that you have to go out and experience new things. What will you do about it? If you do not have these experiences or go out and travel like you desire to do, then you may continue having these dreams like.

Dreaming that you have been left out of a caravan means that you feel like you have not been making any progress while those around you are moving on without you. You do not feel as if you are making progress in life or in your personal ventures. People around you are making all kinds of accomplishments and doing great things and you can’t seem to take any solace in the great things that you have done, if any. You need to accept that all of your friends should be able to succeed on their own terms. Most importantly you need to learn not to compare yourself to others too much.

THIS. Read it again; it may sound like a horoscope, and perhaps it may be yours.

“The boy felt jealous of the freedom of the wind and saw that he could have the same freedom. There was nothing to hold him back except himself.”

Page 28, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

“No matter how many detours and adjustments it made, the caravan moved toward the same compass point.”

Page 75, of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

“There is only one way to learn,” the alchemist answered.

“It’s through action.”

Page 125, of The Alchemist.

The caravan evokes the image of imagination and far away travel; symbolizes a quest.

This modern-day Sufi Trail caravan will be a roaming place of love, fun, happiness. A lot like a family, with different positive dynamics:  Safe – productive – powerful – useful. Use the adjectives to place yourself in and amongst dedicated professional friendly people who will seem like family; from the very beginning.

One of the greatest sources of your energy will is to be surrounded by like-minded people and spectacular nature. A company of travellers on a journey. Group of people especially noted as pilgrims travelling together across a symbolic trail route.

No gold, jade, tea or spices to trade or sell; on this trail to the light but indeed if your heart desires it; this trail, path will provide you with all that your earthly desires. Leave room for your spiritual basket to fill with the esoteric mountain air provided by the maker of the Universe.

No bandits or pirates to steal your wares, just throw your caution to the wind and join the present day caravaners to the walk of your lifetime. A mystical,, spiritual, naturalist, humble awakening is yours for the undertaking.

No deserted mountains, no brutal winds, no poisonous snakes:  the journey on this caravan is in the safety of the modern day.

The vibrant color of the countryside; from sunrise to sunset will captivate you on this adventure: Music to lure your soul;  a smorgasbord of exotic flavours to tempt your palate; to smell the earth after a rain shower, to awaken a part of you that remembers. Alive and well, with each passing day, as the richness and tradition seeps into the core of who you are, who you want to be.

A path seeped in ancient history, culture, tradition, architecture, friendship. Connect to the people of the land; share customs and cultural traditions in the tea houses, local mosque beauty; remnants of lost cities buried in the sea..

Join us. The caravan awaits YOU.

Like to know when we organize this easy hop on hop off Sufi caravan, you can read all the details for this event on the website

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Flights to Turkey and Visa

For our Sufi Trail Parendes (travelers) we have some details to consider.

There are two airports in Istanbul one is on the European side and the other in the Oriental part.

Istanbul Airport

The biggest airport in Europe and recently opened.

Sabiha Gökçen Airport


When you travel from Europe you need a visa we advise this link as it’s the cheapest and has easy payment options:

How to get to Eyüp Mosque or Ferry

When you arrive there are many options to check your public transport to Eyüp to Eyüp Mosque, Sufi Trail starting point or directly go to the IDO ferry boat

There are many websites that give up to date information here are 3 examples:

1 Type in google:

For example type: Istanbul airport to Eyup | press enter | and choose the public transport icon, the result will be:

2 Rome to Rio:

3 Istanbul insider:

Websites that explain the options from both airports:
3A from Istanbul Airport

3B from Sabiha Gokcen