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Bike with us!

Biking in Turkey on the Sufi Trail

The Sufi Trail is suitable for bikes. Bikepackers can cycle with mountain bikes on the hiking Trail or with trekking and city bikes on the asphalt roads. We have put a lot of effort into creating a low traffic route with historical sites and natural scenery.

The Sufi bike Trail divers in some sections from the Sufi Hiking Trail.

The distance is approximately 800 km and for an average cyclist, it will take two weeks to complete the Sufi Bike Trail from Istanbul to Konya. In most city’s there are bike repair shops a list will be available soon. Bikepackers with their tent can always ask the Muhtar (village head) for permission to place their tent in little villages. The cities in Turkey aren’t particularly orientated on camping sites.

For accommodation, we have a complete list ready for members. You can join the Sufi Trail with the Sufi Trail starters pack in our webshop. Sufi Trail members are eligible for individual WhatsApp support.

Experiences on the Sufi Bike Trail

Already one group of Slovenian bikers cycled from Konya towards Istanbul. They used the services of Cem Balsun Founder of Istanbul on bike and Tour Guide who speaks: English, Italian and Spanish. We are in the early days of planning our first Istanbul Konya and Konya back to Istanbul tour on bike.

The future of the Sufi Bike Trail

In 2019 we welcome people who like to cycle with us with their own bikes or if needed we can provide information on good cycling tracks away from the busy roads.

The hiking Trail is always close to the cycling route and we will develop the trail as such that sand and dirt roads will be good enough for trekking bikes.

We hope to meet you on our next adventure on a bike! The Sufi Trail bike dates for 2019 are:

We gather in Yalova 8th of June @11:00 o’clock. If you come from Istanbul you can take the IDO-ferryboat. If you don’t have your own bike we can make arrangements with “Istanbul on Bike” to rent a bike for your bike week. The Sufi bike tour is at your own costs; the only support we ask is that you buy the Sufi Trail guidebook (Turkish or English). The program is divided into bike rides of 35 to 75 km per day.

Like to join? Just let us know via the Facebook event or come to Yalova IDO ferry port on the 8th of June.

Program: Kilometers are subject to change.
8 June Yalova IDO – Kurtköy 25 km
9 June Kurtköy – Orhangazi 25 km
10 June Orhangazi – Iznik 65 km
11 June İznik – Osmaneli 35 km
12 June Osmaneli – Bilecik 35 km
13 June Bilecik – Sogut 30 km
14 June Söğüt – Eskişehir 75 km
15 June Eskişehir city tour and finish.

In case you want to travel yourself contact Sufi Trail expert partner Istanbul on Bike:

Whatsapp & mobile:
Iris Bezuijen: +31 6 440 447 90

Hike with us!

Hike with us!

We are pleased that we can now offer an organized music trip across the Sufi Trail.

When: 2 till 15 September 2019 (Musical journey)

Where: Emirdağ – Konya

Your luggage is conveniently transported, meals and lodging are taken care of and the journey is accompanied by a Turkish guide.

The Sufi Trail leads through a beautiful light hilly terrain we start in Emirdağ what used to be nomads land. Nature is very varied and we walk through ancient cities, from before the Ottoman period where we see the remains of the Eastern Roman and Byzantine empires. We also walk through authentic villages where the welcome is heartwarming. The locals will spoil you with regular tea and coffee, refusing is almost impossible. In this way, there is plenty of rest to process all the impressions. We end our journey in spectacular Konya!

The price of this trip is € 895, the flight to Turkey’s is at your own expense.

For more information or sign up

Please note that there is a maximum of 10 people.


Flights to Turkey and Visa

For our Sufi Trail Parendes (travelers) we have some details to consider.

There are two airports in Istanbul one is on the European side and the other in the Oriental part.

Istanbul Airport

The biggest airport in Europe and recently opened.

Sabiha Gökçen Airport


When you travel from Europe you need a visa we advise this link as it’s the cheapest and has easy payment options:

How to get to Eyüp Mosque or Ferry

When you arrive there are many options to check your public transport to Eyüp to Eyüp Mosque, Sufi Trail starting point or directly go to the IDO ferry boat

There are many websites that give up to date information here are 3 examples:

1 Type in google:

For example type: Istanbul airport to Eyup | press enter | and choose the public transport icon, the result will be:

2 Rome to Rio:

3 Istanbul insider:

Websites that explain the options from both airports:
3A from Istanbul Airport

3B from Sabiha Gokcen