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Dancer and Performance Artist

Medicinal, Creative Movement Instructor, Bodywork Therapist, Whirling Dervish

He was born in Istanbul, Turkey and curently lives in Fethiye and İstanbul.

He graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, the Department of Visual Communication Design MFA. During his post-graduate studies, he worked as a research assistant at Photo and Video department in Bilgi University.

In addition his education on visual art he improved himself in body and movement disciplines. He shaped his art related workswith deepened workshops focusing on dance and traditional, mystic, meditative movement practice of Sema and Semah. He produced various pieces in new media, performance art, dance, video and photography disciplines. He also took part in mixed exhibitions, various projects and performances as an artist.

He has performed in local and international events, festivals and projects in various regions including Europe, South Asia and Middle East. He has collaborated with different artists especially musicians from all around the world. He has been performing with Turkish punk rock singer Hayko Cepkin and world-renowned world music artist Mercan Dede.

He shares his knowledge and teachings in local and international art festivals, retreats, community gatherings and healing events. He carries out heart centric workshops and collaborates with international teachers and instructors about Creative – Medicinal Movements, Anatolian-Central Asian Sacred Dances, Meditative and Circle Peace Dances. In previous years, he worked with children as well.

He has recently collaborated with Turkish photography artist Dilan Bozyel for “Portrait ofHumanity” project. Her photoshoot of Alper, doing Sema was selected to be part of the exhibition that is ascending 13.000 feet into stratosphere.

He practiced Skinner Releasing Technique, Japanese Butoh Dance and many Improvisational, Contemporary Movements and Dance, Yoga as well.

He is member of VAWAA International artist platform and Unesco International Dance Council CID.

He is walking on Sufism and Tasavvuf (Islamic mysthicism) path and practicing Sufi whirling rituals like Mawlawi Sema and Alevi – Bektashi Semah more than 15 years.

Dancer and actor Alper Akcay on the Sufi Trail

Some of his workshops and projects:

    • “Rumi Fest 2014 ve 2019”, Riga, Letonya
    • Hayko Cepkin & Mercan Dede, Efes Antik Tiyatrosu Konseri / Efes Antique Theatre Concert, 2019
    • LOYAC Performans Sanatları Akademisi (LAPA) – Kuveyt / LOYAC Performing Art Acedemy (LAPA) – Kuwait /// Mevlana ve Şems-i Tebrizi için hazırlanan dans tiyatrosu oyuncuları için 7 gün derinleştirilmiş Sema ve Dans Atölyeleri / Intensified Sema and Dance Workshops for dance theater performers working on Rumi and Shams Tabriz
    • ‘’Sacred Dance of Heart’’, Miriam Peretz & Alper Akçay Sema-Semah ve Dans atölye çalışmaları / Sema-Semah & dance workshops 2014-2019
    • “Can Bora: DANTEL”, Aksanat, Ocak 2013
    • “Genco Gülan: Cadaques”, IKSV Istanbul Uluslararası Tiyatro Festivali, Mayıs / IKSV Istanbul Uluslararası Theatre Festival May 2010
    • “Genco Gülan: Surname 2009”, Akzante Festival, Duisburg, Almanya, Nisan 2009
    • “Senem Diyici ve Alain Blesing : ‘’Sonsuz Çarklarda Diyalog”, Kadırga Sanat Merkezi, Amber Platform, Nisan /  ‘’Dialogue in Endless Circles’ , Kadırga Art Center, Amber Platform, Istanbul April 2010
    • “Alper Akçay: Luwilux 09”, Wunderbar Festival, Newcastle, İngiltere, Kasım, England, November 2009
    • “Genco Gülan: Surname 2009”, Akzante Festival, Duisburg, Almanya, Nisan, Germany, April 2009

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For collaboration and sessions, you may contact with me by mail alperakcaytr@gmail.com

Photo by Alex Ribowski Latvia, Jurmala